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Beautiful Cornwall & Marazion

Located in the county of Cornwall, which is the most southerly county in the UK, Marazion is situated to the far south west of the region. The area is spectacular and Mounts bay is a UNESCO world heritage site and has been voted one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Marazion itself is a collection of cottages on the hillside above the water's edge with a few shops, Inns, a church and a couple of hotels.

Cockleshell is located in Marazion, Cornwall. It is an ancient market town dating back to pre BC times and is perhaps better known as the entry point for the fairytale isle of St Michael's Mount.

Where is Cockleshell Cottage & Advice on how to get here

Recommended Local Restaurants & Pubs

This is our personal recommendation for local restaurants which are situated in West Cornwall. Along with the UK,Cornwall is going through a gastronomic explosion at present. There is a larger selection of restaurants further a field but this is our selection from West Cornwall                                               Read more ......

Pubs & Cafes

Fine Dining & Restaurants

We have selected a few local hostelries & cafes that always offer good local food, a typical Cornish welcoming atmosphere & usually in a great location.. The quality food is excellent and normally offer daily specials and also traditional Cornish fare.  Read more ......

Good Quality Pubs & Cafes


Recommended Local Attractions

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Attractions with 15 Mile Radius

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Attractions over 15 Radius